How To Stay Positive: 9 Powerful Ways To Tackle Difficult Times

How to stay positive?

Positive thinking is not optimism that always expects things to change for the better, nor is it pessimism that always assumes the worst will happen. It is often as difficult for optimists to be positive thinkers as it is for pessimists. Positive thinking is not denying the contribution of negative thinking. It’s wise to prepare for the worst that could happen in business and life and it is quite simple as that.

You simply need to accept whatever negative situation you are in. Accept that you can’t control it. It’s something out of your control and believe it and trying to control it will make you feel more negative because you can’t control it. So, after you accept that with all your heart and let it go and let it be as it is, the next step is to start finding some kind of solution if you can find one or seek some positive advice from your loved ones. Whatever is that solution. It might not solve the problem but it might make you feel better. Find a solution and learn to heal.

Then try and find something positive out of the negative situation, and believe that there is going to be something positive after that situation. Successful people are successful because they believed that in every bad and negative situation there is something positive and their focus instead of seeing the negative is to find the positive in those situations. So, focus on finding at least something positive out of the negative. There is always something positive.

Here, are the ways to stay positive.

1. Accept Your Negative Emotions.

Everybody faces some sort of problem with their emotions but observe all of your emotions and sensations as they come to the surface not just the feel-good ones. Do not try to suppress a negative emotion simply because it’s negative. Be honest about what you are feeling and thinking. Acknowledge all of your emotions and try not to judge them as being positive or negative. Then let them pass and give some time to yourself. The key is to not dwell on those emotions which are counterproductive or undesirable.

2. Look For Positive Options.

Negative thinking prepares you for the reality of a negative outcome in a situation, just the same as positive thinking is continually looking for and finding the positive options that every situation offers. Thoughts are stubborn, once you let them take hold and grow roots, it is very difficult to erase them from your mind. Whatever grabs your attention rules your life. So, you need to control your thinking. Recognize the negative aspects of your situation, but don’t dwell on them. Turn your attention to the positive options available to you. And I would suggest you read some positive inspirational quotes which might help you.

Happy thoughts.

3. Believe You Can Prevail.

Positivity is believing which means we can prevail in our situation, regardless of the circumstances. Survival, in one form or another, is at the heart of mental toughness. When things look tough, you will need to have the grit to be persistent and understand that failure is not the end but it simply represents another way to approach our situation.

4. Remind yourself that everyone has their journeys.

We all have to learn different lessons in life but everyone has their journey and maybe, some people are on the same boat but they must have different goals. Perhaps some person has come into your life for a reason. At the same time, this person has to come to their realizations on their own time. Many call this karma. However, you view it, when we adopt a broader view, we can get out of our limited thinking and we think broader.

5. Spend time alone.

Make time to pursue a hobby, journal, take a walk, or meditate or call a friend. Giving ourselves time to think can create wonders in our psyches and overall attitudes in our lives. Many people underestimate the importance of being alone with our thoughts but this is not true. Even if you spend the beginning of that time being angry toward this person, it is a necessary step towards shifting your thinking, so, that you can return to positivity. When you allow time to process, you allow yourself to come up with insights and solutions and that is the best thing that ever happened.

6. Remain grateful for what is going well.

Make a gratitude list, let people know how thankful you are for their presence, and count your blessings for the small things and also, appreciation is the thing that keeps you motivated and positive. Put the good energy out into the world in return for all you have been given. Gratitude can go a long way in reminding us that life involves more than our immediate surroundings and expands beyond our everyday.

7. Turn your failures into lessons.

Nobody is perfect in this world. So, it is very obvious that you are going to make mistakes and experience failure multiple times in your life. Instead of focusing on how you failed, think about how to rectify those errors and how you can stay positive. Turn your failure into a lesson and use them to stay positive.

8. Exercise and meditate.

Nothing improves your mood, sharpens your focus, and increases your energy as a good sweat session, so, do workouts and meditate at least for 30 minutes. Sometimes you will start to be anxious about something that’s really out of your hands or done. And it’s unproductive to care and be nervous about occurrences, people, and many other things. That you can do absolutely nothing about it. So, take that excess energy and invest some time at the gym or go to a park, you will feel better about yourself.

9. The last part of this equation is to find someone optimistic to love.

A loving relationship helps soothe and heal the bruises you accrue on the way at such a fast pace and I would suggest that find someone optimistic to love. Love heals anything too big for one of us to take. Learn from the love to be a better human, and give more than your lover ever expects.

What is the best way to stay positive?

Your thoughts help you feel good. You need to have good thoughts about life, about work, about your health and good thoughts about people as well. Think positive and you will want to keep your health good every day. Your health will feel amazing and you will have more concentration at work. A good help will help you do things that you will not have imagined.

Before you get to work every day think about your health. Better health will make your work much easier. You will get to enjoy your work more. A positive day can get you a better life. A better day can lead to a better life. Get positive vibes from people that see you every day.

To conclude, Life has to be seen with optimism and approached with a better and positive mindset. So, be positive to help yourself. To be more productive and move your life better. When we let go of the things, we are incapable of doing, we meet the aura within us which quickens our spirit to move forward.

Stay positive, stay progressive and learn to let go.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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