The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.

– Tony Robbins

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    Taking Action To Achieve Goals In Life (14 Steps To Take Action)

    “Do not sacrifice the future to satisfy the Present.” You need to take action in order to achieve success in life. Sitting on a chair all day long and thinking about doing something and not actually doing it will take you nowhere. I would like to be brief with this but I can’t because it’s a subject close to my heart and also, I suggest that you don’t need to sacrifice the future to satisfy…


    How To Express Your Creativity To Explore Yourself (7 Tips)

    Sparking creativity typically means, abandoning things you like to do around you, to follow your creative muse around. I think it depends on where you find your inspiration and it depends on what sort of creativity you are looking for, whether it be music, art, or writing, or any other thing which expresses your creativity. For me, creativity arises when I learn something new or discover something I haven’t thought of before or try thinking…

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    12 Ways To Be Free From Worries That Lead To A Worry-Free Life

    Being free from worries is a dream for many. You don’t want to worry about money, about work, about your family. You want a peaceful life. In your life, your mind is constantly at work and the major task of the mind is to keep you away from the present moment where your consciousness resides, which is full of love, bliss, and intelligence. Have an optimistic approach towards life. Happiness and sorrows come in turn…


    12 Simple Pleasures Of Life That You Need To Enjoy Everyday

    The simple and greatest pleasure of anyone’s life is to get satisfied. Anyone desiring even the greatest thing, says ruling the whole world as a dictator, has this desire only to get satisfied. In the end, everyone feels happy after the desires are met. Therefore, satisfaction becomes the greatest pleasure. Getting true pleasure through “satisfaction” after a desire is met is considered temporary because a new cycle of new desire and new efforts for the…

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    8 Reasons Why People Don’t Change (Changing Someone Is Tough)

    Changing our behavior is a self-engineering challenge with few equals. I’m talking about long-term, sustained change, not short-run bursts that sputter out before real change happens. Whether the change involves diet, exercise, habits, dependencies, or anything else, changing behavior is one of the hardest things any of us will ever try to do. This is a well-researched area, and quite a lot is known about why sustained change is tremendously difficult. As people age grow,…