Write For Us

Do you have what it takes to be a good author? If you want to write for us to help people improve their lives with your writings, blog, or guest posts then you have come to the right place.

In order to contact us, you can reach us via email at contact@theblessedhuman.com

The Blessed Human is a digital Self-Improvement magazine blog. Self-Improvement is one of the biggest things ever in today’s world. Everyone wants to read articles that will help them improve themselves. We want your articles to be the best. Your guest post articles should stand out from the rest of the content on the site. Once your content is accepted we will work with you on revisions if required.

Writing for us will be a very pleasant experience for you as a lot of people will read your articles and share their feedback. You will learn a lot from this process. You will get to learn things that you weren’t aware of before.

What topics can you write for us?

  • Self-Improvement: How to improve yourself in order to lead a better life. We are looking for people who have faced problems in life and have improved on those things. These people can better help other people and readers to face tough times and overcome these times in their life.
  • Business: Those who have a good understanding of business can write for us. Articles related to business, finance, money, marketing, and productivity are accepted.

Why Write For Us?

We want to deliver content that is high quality. Readers should feel motivated by reading one of your articles. Your main motivation for writing an article for us will be to inspire the reader to face challenges in life. Your life lessons will be shared with others which in turn will help others lead a better life.

Guidelines to write for us

  • All the submissions should have include at least 600-1500 words of content.
  • The content should be your original work.
  • Please make sure that the content should not be published anywhere else.
  • Include a catchy Title and Meta Description.
  • The formatting of the article should be properly done.
  • Include relevant internal links wherever possible.
  • Irrelevant outbound links will be removed from the articles.
  • Research the article topic well before pitching it to us.

How guest posting will help you?

Guest posts get to help you increase the exposure of your website. Whenever you start a new website you need a seal of trust from google. By writing guest posts you build trust in the eyes of Google and google starts ranking your website or blog. The more trust you build the more your business or blog will rank higher on google. Moreover, when you write a guest post you will increase your exposure to a wider audience that will in return lead to more business.

Why type of article can writers pitch?

We accept content that is high quality. Please make sure that your article is your own work. By writing a quality post you have a very high chance that we will publish it. People get to pitch us new content every day but we only publish what can make people and our readers connect.

Writers should make sure that they don’t publish the content on any other site once it is published on our site. We will accept content from writers that get to write high-quality content. You can submit a draft via our email. Once you submit an article it will take 1-2 days for review.

We will only accept high-quality content. We reserve the right to make changes to the article wherever necessary.

To pitch us please email at contact@theblessedhuman.com