How To Count Your Blessings Daily

You count your blessings by becoming aware of all the good in the form of people, things, and experiences that are in your life right now. Then add to that list all the things that were in your life in the form of people, things, and experiences that made you who you are today. To be able to count your blessings you simply have to open your eyes and see. Everything that your life is made of is a blessing.

For simplicity’s sake, you could simply look at your life in terms of personal health, family, finances, relationship, and career. In each of these areas, you have been blessed in innumerable ways only if you choose to see it.

Start to acknowledge the various blessing that you can immediately identify in each of these areas and you will notice as you express gratitude for what you already have you will keep having more and more things to be grateful for.

Counting blessings in your life is one of the finest ways to liberate yourself from all thoughts of limitations.

  1. Life is a privilege and God does not owe us anything, so His love is gracious and well beyond what we deserve.
  2. It keeps you grounded, and appreciative of the good thing you already have.
  3. You value the love that others put into your life, and are thankful for them, and can extend grace to them when they fail.
  4. Your viewpoint of life is good and that goodness spreads to others.
  5. People want to be around you.
  6. You have more energy.
  7. You spread the knowledge of God and his love for people.


We all have a plethora of blessings in our lives that we are ignorant of, and do not even consider them as blessings. We are hesitant to acknowledge our blessings rather than appreciate them. We all have difficulties, but how big are they in the grand scheme of things? Undoubtedly, we have many blessings in our life but despite counting them we don’t even realize them. Considering this question, I remember a prayer we used to hymn back in our school days COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS; NAME THEM ONE BY ONE.

When God wakes you up every morning that is a blessing, if you have a roof over your head that is a blessing, if you have a job that is a blessing, if you have food to esteem that is a blessing if you love someone and someone loves you that is a blessing, count every one of these as blessings and name them one by one, count your many blessings and see what God has done my friend.

How can you count your blessings?

Well!! Too many to count.

  • I’m employed.
  • I’m licensed.
  • I’m enrolled.
  • My parents and siblings love me.
  • Speaking of my parents, they’ve never divorced.
  • Never lost a loved one in my 25 years of living.
  • Have never experienced racism.
  • Never got in a car accident.
  • Ability to eat a lot of crap and not gain much, if any weight.
  • Doing workouts.
  • Type 1 diabetic (this is a blessing because I don’t have cancer.)
  • Haven’t had to take out any student loans.
  • Well-liked and received by most people.
  • Never raped, killed, or committed any major criminal offenses.
  • Bright future ahead.
  • Not bald.
  • Not deaf.
  • Not blind (as you can tell, obviously).

In the end, Blessings also reminds us that we no longer have to be perfect but strive to be different. Vanity and self-absorption ego tendencies can leach on “daily blessing” Life is a cycle, and to truly be thankful, improve the cycle of life for all and our planet Earth.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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