How To Stop Shopping: 9 Ways To Curb Your Shopping Addiction

People who are addicted to shopping tend to feel others are judging them at all times. They are thereby trying hard to be on top of their game in terms of outward appearance. I believe that this is a shallow way of ridiculing yourself. Please keep those people around you who know you and appreciate you for what you are and not what you have and what you use. This kind of person is materialistic.

One way to keep yourself from shopping is too much is to make a list of items that you need and only purchase items from that list. This keeps your shopping targeted, so you won’t end up buying everything your eye catches. One way to cut off the desire of shopping for the things you want but probably wouldn’t need is to unfollow celebrity accounts on social media platforms. Shopping can be a rich source of mental preparation. If you think about it, we naturally visualize how we’d use the products we come across. In doing so, we are also visualizing new life, a new self.

Here are some ways on how you can stop shopping addiction.

1. Debit Cards instead of Credit cards

Get rid of any credit cards completely. Today you can use debit cards that perform the same function, with one difference. You can’t spend the money you don’t have. Credit cards have some of the highest interest rates, and therefore are some of the worst ways to manage debt.

2. Budgeting

Calculate exactly what you need for weekly expenses, and paying off bills. Allow another 10% at least for incidentals. Then you can budget your ‘spending’ money. Before you go shopping allocate a certain amount of money that you can spend. You can make a separate bank account along with a separate debit card and transfer your intended spending’s to the second account. Then only take the second debit card with you, not your main one or you could use cash. But don’t take the card with your main account with you. This also applies to impulse buying. Take a daily or weekly allowance to work, or out, and don’t go over that amount.

3. Term Deposits

If the issue is spending your savings, banks have an option of term deposit accounts. Money can go in, but you can’t take it out for some time, usually 12–18 months also, it depends on your bank. This could be an option for forced savings. Online Shopping can be a bit harder but the above can still apply. When money comes in, budget it and set what you need aside. If you have someone close to you that you can trust, like a parent, you may be able to leave them with the card to your main account. Alternatively, get rid of the card of the main account completely, and just pay your living expenses using internet banking. That way you won’t be tempted to grab the card out when you want something.

4. Create something unique

We have lost our ability to craft, design, and use our hands. We have also lost our ability to substitute or make do. Making do is a form of creating. Knowing where things come from, the cost to the environment, the people who make them who may or may not be compensated properly.

How to Stop Shopping all the time

5. Do a physical activity to love your body more

Work slowly up to 10,000 steps and you will know your neighborhood and neighbors inside out. Train to start a physical activity you always wanted to do swimming gets you in touch with the primordial flow or love of things.

6. Nature has many answers and slow growth surprises

Spend time in nature. There are all kinds of studies that relate health to the amount of time spent outside. Also, plant a garden. Tidy up your neighborhoods and say hello to the people walking by. Start a community garden. There is so much work for everyone even if you are only part of the dream team.

7. Cull your closets and cupboards

Culling will make you conscious of what you already have. Give away what you don’t use and don’t love. Many charity thrift shops will love your donations. You can also join donation foundations.

8. Stay out of the malls and do not window shop

This includes online stores, eBay, Etsy, and where ever else you have typically shopped. Get a different hobby to keep yourself busy during the times you would want to shop.

9. Prioritize your goals

Think about your goals, what will you be going to achieve if you spend your time wisely. Instead of luring around the pieces that you can/can’t afford, put your focus on the things that are much more important than them. I suggest you use a computer in some public place like library, office or study area, where everybody is studying or working. Believe it or not, humans are by birth imitators, this kind of peer pressure or environment creates a psychological effect on you and you try to imitate them.

Lastly, if you still cannot control the urge to shopping, you need help. Talk to your friends and family. You can even devote more time on something that was a priority once before you addicted to online shopping.


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