Taking Action To Achieve Goals In Life (14 Steps To Take Action)

“Do not sacrifice the future to satisfy the Present.”

You need to take action in order to achieve success in life. Sitting on a chair all day long and thinking about doing something and not actually doing it will take you nowhere.

I would like to be brief with this but I can’t because it’s a subject close to my heart and also, I suggest that you don’t need to sacrifice the future to satisfy the present. Live in present and think about the future. It needs structured details that can allow you to plan better with examples.

The Root of The Inaction

It is your unconscious belief system that you need to be very aware of. When you do not put the effort in the law of action then you are self-sabotaging because you fear success, that you feel unworthy of it and you are probably doing a lot of what you are doing for external self-gratification.

In other words, some insecurities are about attaching your self-worth to external objects such as:

  • Validation from others. Doing things to get a response from others to feel good about yourself.
  • Doing things to look good or seen to be busy so you are approved by your social peers.
  • Doing things to be accepted by your social peers.

This is a social condition in which you are doing things on autopilot to feed your ego instead of truly ensuring you do things for the right reasons. Many write, many advise and many have not lived what they say.

Many do for the sake of ego but if you look into their life you will find much is not applicable in their life. You will see they haven’t applied what they say. They waste their time doing things to look important and to feel good. Be careful of your ego. It is fear-based.

You and you alone know the truth of where you are in life. Here are 14 ways that will help you take action you achieve your goals in life.

1. It Must Be the Right Work for You.

It cannot work where you’re trying to satisfy someone else’s expectations. So, if you’re studying or in a job, make it so that you are studying what you’re passionate about working a job you love doing.

There is also another part to this. If you are studying that you must for your future and it’s not exciting, or you’re in a job which you feel at present time not really what you want then change your attitude. Develop a positive wholesome attitude towards the work you are doing right now. You might not care for the studying or work, you might not care for people around you, you might not care for a lot of things.

Change your attitude because we all start somewhere. Sometimes you might not start at the top but work your way up and to reach the place you desire you need to do work you sometimes do not care about but it’s work and so have a healthy positive attitude to it.

2. Evaluate Where You Are Now.

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s ok to start all over again. This time, look at where you are and now picture why you want to achieve your goals. What is the reason and why? Make it clear in your mind. Get some images, bang them on a board and fill that board up to show why. Always know why you are doing these goals and where it will lead crystal clear.

  1. What will your life become when you achieve your goal?
  2. How will it change your circumstances financially, health-wise, lifestyle-wise, and more? See it. Imagine it. Make it crystal clear.
  3. Sort your environment out. Have everything in its place. If you’re an artist then have a corner with all things ready. If you’re a writer, have all tools ready. Make your environment workable, inspiring, get things in order so when you need to do the work all the things you need are there and ready.


3. Create Your Own Blue Print for Productivity.

In anything, whether you are building a house, writing a successful novel, a skyscraper, a car, whatever, it needs a Blue Print that helps you to keep track.

You need to plan this all out in front of you like a blueprint. From the beginning and right to how it will look like when it’s completed.

  1. If your plan sucks for you, change it. You know your reason why, you know where you’re going, it’s clear but maybe you need to change your plan to get there. If it doesn’t work, change it. Don’t keep working on a plan that doesn’t work for you.
  2. If the new plan isn’t working either, change it. Until you figure it out. Or find someone of expertise to see your blind spots and help you with your goals and plan to get to achieve your vision in life.
  3. If your plan works, then pile on more towards it. Put more effort, focus, and do not be distracted by the world. If it works then you can now hammer it, put the pedal to the metal and get to work. You will find the passion coming from it and you will feel excited due to knowing you have now got it right to charge forward.
  4. When you’re commitment is full force on the plan that is now working for you, you will get to where you want to go faster. Listen, the nightclubs, the women, the sex, the fun will always be there but your time is fleeting. Do not lose focus. The world will always scream at you for your attention whether it is someone needing help, whether it is friends.You can give more, do more when you have achieved a level of success. Choose your friends wisely. Choose who to help wisely and choose who to give knowledge wisely. Your life on this planet is fleeting. It’s moving fast. Do not sacrifice the future for the present.

4. How to Make Your Successful plan?

People knew I am an artist but for many who didn’t know me, they were puzzled when they looked over to see what I am writing in my journal diary. It seemed like an accountant doing his work. A blueprint if you will that helped me to stay on track.

5. Set just one goal for one year.

Write this big goal down and have it everywhere. You get up, you see it. You go to the living room, you see it. You go to the bathroom, you see it when brushing your teeth. You see it on the door and your refrigerator.

The number of times people came to my home and one day I’d visit them to see them copy what I did on my home, is proof that people want to achieve, want to get to where they want to go but don’t know how to get there. Read it over and over again.

6. Prioritize Your Goals in the Order of Importance.

Know what your goal is and know why. Write down each goal and everything that must be done. Be very specific and detailed but brief. List all the things that have to be done but in the most important order. Put a date for each task, when it must start and when you need to complete it.

7. Break the One Big Goal into Weekly/Monthly Goals.

Make a list of things that you must do to achieve the full-year goal. Arrange them in order of importance, with a date of completion. Make sure you got all the monthly goals down to make it into twelve months of the year. Let it be all in front of you to see clearly.

8. Determine what you must do to achieve each monthly goal.

Focus first on the first month’s goals. Organize everything, your time, your efforts, your resources, and all that is necessary to achieve your first monthly goal, with dates to complete and the priority order.

9. Monitor and create a record of your achievements.

When you have achieved a task and a goal, cross it off. Stay focused in trying to complete the tasks you need to achieve the goal. When you cross them out you will grow in confidence, self-image will rise sky high but keep your feet on solid ground. If you don’t complete, don’t beat yourself up. Carry the tasks to the next day and stay focused.

10. Learn from your past mistakes.

Do not let these mistakes discourage you. You will learn from them and they come with many insights and wisdom. See what is going wrong and create a plan to improve yourself. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Find out what you need to improve and apply it immediately.

11. Avoid Wasting Your Time on Worry.

Nothing will change if you sit and worry and procrastinate. Time cannot be stopped. It is fleeting. The main challenge or obstacle for you will be organizing your time to be well spent.

Ask “is this time I am spending helping me to achieve my one-year goal?”

I don’t mean you can’t rest, be with family and friends but do ensure you organize your time so you don’t rush to complete your tasks. You don’t put pressure due to procrastination.

12. Repeat The above process, day in and out.

It’s about being committed to the vision you want to create. One year is not a lot. It will go fast. Two years may seem a lot too or three but you will find time is fleeting. Anywho makes excuses on time, that it is so long or distant, will find that those years will pass you by anyway. How committed are you to whatever you desire and want to happen is the question? Repeat the process and constantly revise weekly/monthly. Let the world shout. You have a goal to achieve.

13. Handling Obstacles – Think Like A Commander in Chief.

Think way ahead of the obstacles and figure out how would you solve them. Knowing far ahead and mapping it out with the expertise and resources you can later access can help you to resolve the situation quickly.

Maybe a situation in which you feel a lack of motivation.

14. The law of action.

In all the things most fail in is they haste in their life without building their system and think an artist, an ideal person, a pioneer, or someone who desires to achieve whatever they want must suffer, endure, be poor, starving like an artist, be busy, tire oneself when they need to have a system in place.

The law of action is about how you conduct yourself, your thoughts, emotions, habits, the method of your operation as well as knowing how to put it together like a well-oiled systematic organized machine.

Systems are not just for business but for anyone who wishes to achieve success in their life and whatever they are doing. I have a system in place. It’s why I can achieve my goals, lifestyle, and travel the world. It is the operating process in which your thoughts and feelings become one to achieve the things in your life and experience whatever you desire in your life.

Ask yourself what will help to remove these obstacles?

  • Maybe a mentor to be accountable.
  • Maybe it is your lover who can help you be accountable or a friend.
  • Maybe you have other friends who need help with goals and together you can encourage others using the tools we now have for communication or face to face.

Whatever situation you may feel you’ll face in the future, write it down and write down the solution. Talk to others and find out what situations they faced and this will give you more information from other people’s experience. If you don’t know the solution for it. find someone who knows and is where they are already where you want to be. They have already made the mistakes and will gain a lot more insights, experiences and can reveal even your blind sports.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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