12 Ways To Be Free From Worries That Lead To A Worry-Free Life

Being free from worries is a dream for many. You don’t want to worry about money, about work, about your family. You want a peaceful life.

In your life, your mind is constantly at work and the major task of the mind is to keep you away from the present moment where your consciousness resides, which is full of love, bliss, and intelligence. Have an optimistic approach towards life. Happiness and sorrows come in turn as simple as day and night. If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

The darker the night the nearer the sunrise. Accept both happiness and sorrows humbly with your calm. Don’t be overwhelmed with either. Neither is permanent. Fear anxiety or worry is wasteful thinking and Has it helped all along. Think about how much you were able to change the things you worried about by just worrying. Understand worrying is just like an illusion. They are not real. They are wasteful thinking.

Replace your thinking with positive qualities and you will generate positivity and fill yourself with positive energy. For this first understand your true nature is Peace, Love, Happiness and you will have several more positive qualities and specialties within you. You have to bring them out by sharing them with others. This is being positive in a practical way. Not just theory. You have to make it practical by sharing your positive energy.

This practice will grow your positive qualities and you will overcome the old thinking pattern of worrying. You have to think about your future and prepare. Once you are prepared you can be carefree. Put your energy towards preparation and there will not be a reason to worry. Worrying and anxiety should be overcome by building positive energy from within.

In this context, what are worries?

In life, you are constantly facing different challenges that aim to elevate you to your higher self. These challenges are one step higher than the evolution of your consciousness to date. In the process of surpassing this difficulty level, you open up yourself to more wisdom.

It is the mind that tries its best to stop you from reaching the level of wisdom through connection with the present moment. For this, it uses its weapon called ‘Worry’. While the solution offers only one possibility, the absence of it is hundreds of possibilities. These hundreds of possibilities of what could happen are called ‘worries’ in which your mind puts you into illusions, leading you to imbibe emotions of anger, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, and the like. When you constantly brood on your worries, you also create them because what you focus on, you manifest.

Below are some methods by which you can shed off the worries:

1. Worries happen because you don’t know.

You need to see different emotions that the worry is causing you and release them in awareness. Once the clouds of emotions have been cast off, you can see the challenges clearly and the solution pops up. The solution could be finding an intelligent way you maneuver yourself through the problem or a powerful way to avoid it altogether or using your creativity and communication to take the problem to the next level and also, you can use your higher divine self to rise above the problem.

2. Detachment.

One necessary prerequisite to avoid worrying is detachment. You worry about the people and the things you are attached to. Releasing the attachment to the situation or person frees your vision to see the truth of the situation and hence find a solution.

3. Trust in life.

You worry because you don’t trust what is happening. You worry because you define this situation from your perspective that is based on survival instinct rather than spiritual growth. While for you getting success or preserving what you have would be more important, for life what matters is the awakening of your consciousness. Opening up to trust in life and believing in Her as a nurturing mother would help you ease off worries.

4. Acceptance and Surrender.

Unless you accept the present moment, you cannot bring it into your consciousness and find a solution. Acceptance also means taking full responsibility for the problem. It also means to awaken the inner resolve to see the truth. Surrender on the other hand is the most divine truth and once you do it, it puts the complete onus of giving the problem as well as finding a solution to life itself. Through surrender, you become a medium for God to work through you.


5. Is the object of your worry something you are actively or passively doing something about.

Shift your feelings to a more “active” sense that you are involved in what happens and not at all impotent in the future? The future is open to change and possibilities and are you in a “wait and see” mode or actively doing something about it? The best way to shift it is to think about an answer to this; “what is the best outcome you would like and how can you make that happen?”

6. Change the intensity of the feeling.

Is your imagination running wild? remember emotions can be on a scale. You can go from disapproving to angry to furious depending on the intensity of the feeling. Often this is related to the pictures in your head. Change the pictures and thoughts and intensity calms down.

Tip: What are worries. Worries are information made up of images and sounds that are processed by the mind. But what if you switch off your mind for some time every day, after that, you can be free from worries for some time.

7. Solve Problems

Problem-solving is the process of reviewing every element of an issue so you can get to a solution or fix it. Putting things in perspective can help you navigate the problem-solving process.

8. Postpone worrying.

If worries interfere with your day-to-day life, try putting off your worries. Mentally agree to pay attention to your worries. Start obsessing and devote your time to worry scheduling.

9. Challenge Your Worries.

Positive self-talk strategies can help shift negative ways of thinking into more helpful mindsets. Re-frame worries and anxious thoughts by focusing on self-talk strategies.

10. Live in the moment.

Most worries arise from fears about the future, rather than our immediate surroundings. Focusing on your surroundings and the moment you are experiencing can be a good way to shut down worries.

11. Lift Your Mood.

Negative moods fuel worrying. Remove your mood clutter. Shift attention towards a pleasurable activity or processing emotions in a healthy way is important to overall wellness.

12 Pray.

And finally, never be ashamed to cry out to God! An idea to help you start praying more is to get two bracelets or strings tied as bracelets and have them on your left wrist. In the morning, after your morning prayer, move one over to your right wrist. In the afternoon, after your afternoon prayer, move the second over as well. In the evening, as you have your evening prayer, move them both back to your left wrist. Then start the process over again the next day.

By following these simple tips, you can end chronic worries.

Last but not least, if you think about what worry is, it is unease about a situation. You worry about money, work, health, relationships, getting hurt, having been hurt, about mistakes we made or may make. All those things we may have little control over, but wish we could do something, and when we can’t we worry. Action is what helps with worry. Any kind of action helps.

The inability to act is what keeps the mind in that worrying place, so if you do something else, your body will react as if you are handling whatever problem you are worried about. So, do something, anything, and it will relieve some of that anxiety. Do something to occupy your mind elsewhere. Distracting your mind from that train of thought will relieve some of the pressure, and diffuse some of that non-productive worry.


Gary is an Internet Entrepreneur and E-mail marketing expert. He loves giving tips from his personal experience and the experiences of others on Business, Life, Culture, and Lifestyle.

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