How Do You Get Out Of A Negative Mindset? 21 Powerful Ways

Well! A negative mindset is all about negative thinking. Try to overcome negative things. The most primitive part of a negative mindset is fear.

Fear has many purposes but for me, it is a negative mindset and lets you down when you are not feeling good about your surroundings. Fear doesn’t care about freedom, space, creativity, adventure, joy, and love.

Fear wants me to allow nothing, risk nothing, do nothing, open the door to nothing. It wants to keep me circumscribed and as small as possible.

The purpose of thinking negative thoughts is intended to incapacitate me all the time. That’s how fear makes sure nothing happens to me but negative thoughts all the time. Nothing bad and nothing good.

Positive thinking is neither about turning your face away from negative events nor about taking every event as positive and with zeal and passion.

A lot of people start the day with a positive attitude and as soon as people treat him like a bag of rags, they fall on their faces. And questions the concept of positive thinking.

Don’t be naive and stupid but be a sane person that’s being positive and thinks like whatever happens I will use my ability to find a sensible way. A Life coach can help you overcome these negative thoughts in case you need assistance.

How do I get over negative thinking?


This is the pattern of negative thinking. Any situation is bad, even if some situation is good for them, they think about the shortness of that outcome and think that something negative can happen sooner or later. The core of negative thinking is not about any situation, it is about the interpretation of these situations negatively. If we want to eliminate negative thinking, we need to be aware of our interpretations of reality around us.


Is not everything bad, but in the mind of a person who thinks negatively, everything is bad, If one wants to get rid of negative thinking must be aware of negative thinking and find its core of it. It is not everything bad, the bad is the perception and interpretation of that person.

A person should analyze why his perception and interpretation are pessimistic or frightening. The problem is inside of the mind and the solution is there. This person should start to see things differently, and try to adjust beliefs and values. With the change of interpretation of a situation, the world will become a much brighter place for living.


Thoughts are products of personality, and if we have just negative thoughts the big probability is that our personality is negative.Negative mode positive mode

When this is the case, we need to work on our personality until we achieve an ideal, to become independent, free, confident, realistic, spontaneous, and authentic. It is not an easy endeavor but is much easier than being a negative person. If you don’t know how to change your personality, try to find a professional, or ask your friends and family for support and help.


Are these thoughts logical? Are these thoughts realistic? What do I have from negative thoughts? How many times in my past have none of my negative thoughts not become reality? Am I a bad predictor of events? Why do I need to continue with negative thinking? Write a journal, and track your progress and improvement in dealing with negative thinking.

If you can’t solve some harsh negative thoughts alone, ask for help and support, and don’t be shy. Be persistent, dedicated, love, and respect yourself. With time, you will overcome this challenge.


Some people struggle with their negative past, thinking about possibilities or options that they didn’t choose, but you can’t change your past, you don’t need to do anything else, just to accept that. When you accept your past, you need to find the right interpretation for them, and stop thinking about them.

Most people use their negative past as a good excuse for today’s failures, if we think more about our past that means that we don’t live our life, we just recycle our memories, and that isn’t a good way to live your life.


We have the freedom to choose and is better to choose who we want to be than to allow our negative past to shape our lives. Maybe something bad happened to me, but I wasn’t prepared or strong enough for it, but I learned my lessons, and now I’m stronger, and I will never make the same mistake. I’m what I choose to be, and I don’t want to be a victim.


Don’t hive your negative past, write, speak loudly, draw your negative past, express yourself, and you will reduce the influence of the negative past.

This is a good approach to use anything in which you can express your negative past, and you will realize that the negative past is powerful only if you think about it most of your time, feed it with your attention, and stop thinking about your past, live your life at the present.


The future is a possibility, the past is determined, and the present is only where we can do something to improve our lives, but we never use our presence in a good way.

Don’t overthink, don’t over-analyze, don’t remember the past, and live your life. Life should be lived, and that is the only purpose of life, if you are distracted from your negative past, you don’t live your life, you think about your past life. Don’t do that, use the present in a good way, and create from your life something worth living.

The reasons we are negative are many and they are not always that clear and simple. Negativity is transferred from generation to generation and as time goes on it seems that it intensifies.

In general, life has always been full of challenges, struggles and adversity more than anything else. It’s always been a fight and it always will be. It’s no joke. The odds were always against us. But it is up to choose how we are going to use all of that.

There are a lot of different ways how to handle and overcome the negativity you’re dealing with. I’ll try to provide you with some tips that I applied, that work and worked for me every time:

1. Live in the present moment

By living in the present moment, you’re able to think more clearly and rationally. You’ll be able to develop better self-awareness and establish a better relationship with yourself. You get to see what is bothering you, what is stopping you, and getting in your way.

Overall, you understand yourself a lot better. You can see where are you lacking, what is good and what is not. In general, you’ll be able to see clearly where the negativity comes from and why is it happening.

2. Stay away from negative people

By staying away from negative groups or individuals you’re doing yourself a huge favor. The people that we surround ourselves with on a day-to-day basis are impacting our mood a lot. You cannot be surrounded by people who always nag, complain, drag you down, and make you feel drained, exhausted, sad, depressed, scared, or angry.

Find more positive people you can be surrounded by. Find people that will encourage change in you, people that will motivate and inspire you. You cannot complain if you decided to put yourself in a position where you’re around people who are making you feel miserable.

3. Remind yourself of who you are and what you have been through

Change your mindset

Know yourself, know who you are and what you stand for. Never forget what you have been through. When you can remind yourself of those things it will be easier for you to overcome the negativity you’re dealing with.

4. Do not compromise

Most of the time compromising is not good. There are rare cases where a compromise can be beneficial, but for the most part that shouldn’t be a habit of yours if you want to avoid disappointment in life.

You need character and integrity. When you compromise you are going against your values and you’re putting yourself in a position where you’ll feel more negative. Be real and stay true to yourself.

5. Be grateful and thankful

Learn to be more grateful for the things you have in life. Be grateful that you’re able to wake up every morning, that you’re healthy, that you have a place to sleep, that you have something to eat, that you have a car, that you’re able to help someone in need the reasons vary.

When you can remind yourself of those things, you’ll be able to get a better awareness of certain things and be less negative or overcome your negative impressions and beliefs.

6. Remind yourself of your achievements

Always know what you have accomplished so far in life. That will encourage you to continue and it will boost your confidence. Do not discredit or disregard your successes no matter how big or small they are.

7. Do not complain about anything

Never complain. Of course, if you feel like sharing something with someone or asking for help there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a good thing to do. But complaining is when you’re constantly not satisfied with something when you always have something to say when you become too annoying. It’s not worth it, you become pathetic after you do that frequently.

This is a terrible habit to have. It automatically drags you down. If you’re not satisfied with something, take action to change it and make it better.

8. Stay physically active

Incorporate physical activity and make it a habit of yours. It will keep you healthier, and stronger mentally and physically and you’ll overall feel better about yourself.

9. Stand up for yourself

You have to learn how to stand your ground. Do not tolerate disrespect. Learn how to say no. Don’t be a pushover. Put people in their place when they deserve it. Have boundaries and don’t allow people to cross them. That will keep away the negativity out of your circle.

10. Don’t get too involved in others’ lives. Try to bound yourself to boundaries

Do not get into people’s lives deeply. You never know what kind of mess will you get yourself into and what kind of messed-up things you’ll expose yourself to. People are a mess, trust me.

11. Improve your diet and stay healthy

Change your diet for the better. Bring some variety to it, but with healthy whole foods. Don’t aim for the extremes. Listen to your body and find what works for you. Limit the use of refined products. Be wiser about what you eat and respect yourself more. It’s better to invest in a healthy diet than in medication and doctors. Having a healthy diet improves your mood without a doubt.

12. Focus on positive thinking

Try to set your focus on one thing and go all-in on it. Don’t be all over the place. When you get distracted, you get less or nothing is done, then you get frustrated.

13. Get good sleep and stay positive

Sleep is crucial for a good mood. If you lack sleep you cannot expect to see yourself being positive. It’s one of the most important things you need to recover and function properly. Having good and regular sleep is one of the better habits you can establish for yourself.

14. Get rid of fear and a negative mindset

Fear is a waste of time and health. It’s the biggest lie and illusion 100%. There are normal and reasonable fears, of course, and we should learn how to overcome and handle them, but most of the time we are fighting imagined and irrational fears and troubles. You should understand your fear, recognize it and be aware of it, but don’t accept it. You don’t need it for anything.

15. Try new things in life and explore new things

Expose yourself to new things in life. Meet new people, visit different events and performances, travel to other countries, experience new cultures, and ways of life, exchange experiences with others, watch new movies, read new books, listen to some new music, and try new sports.

Allow yourself to get introduced to new stuff, it will help you to become more open-minded and look at things in life from multiple perspectives.

16. Work on your humor

Try improving your humor. Seeing life from a funnier perspective will undoubtedly help you overcome and deal better with your negative feelings and states. I think that humor is not mentioned enough in the process of overcoming problems and difficulties in life. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is underrated.

17. Spend more time in nature and surroundings

New mindset

Try going out in nature when you’re not on your best vibes. Spending more time hiking, swimming, climbing any activity that you can think of in the woods, mountains, sea, lake, whatever. It is healing, it will help you to get to know yourself better and it will help you to brighten up your mood.

18. Help others whether you know they can’t help you back

By helping others you’re starting to feel more worthy and that you are doing something good and important. It is an amazing feeling when you’re able to share your knowledge with others, or when you can show some kind of support and encouragement in other ethical ways.

19. It’s all about perspective

Being able to turn things around and make them work in your favor is one of the better skills you can develop. If you’re able to take failure, mistakes, insults, doubt, or anything that is thrown against you and see it as something good and something that is here to build you and make you better and stronger, then you’re undefeatable.

You’re making a lot of things easier for yourself that way. With that type of approach, negativity will not be seen as something that is standing in your way.

20. Prioritize your needs and wants

See what you want and what you don’t want from this life. See what and who is worth your patience, dedication, commitment, and time. Get rid of everything that is standing in your way, making you feel unworthy, lame, weak, disorganized… just everything that is not here to help you and make your life more-happier and more satisfying.

21. Control what you can and leave what you cannot control

When you’re focusing on the things outside of your control and your powers, you always get frustrated and disappointed. What else can you expect? Dedicating yourself to the things that you can keep under your control will help you be calmer and in a better mood.

Life was always difficult, but it’s kind of strange and contradictory if you look at what is going on now. We are living in a time of abundance, a lot of us are living quite comfortable and good lives, but we are becoming unhappier and more and more negative. The civilization we were brought up in made us spoiled, incompetent, unqualified, and fragile.

It’s a tough battle that most of us are fighting, but fortunately enough there are ways how we can overcome the negativity that is in our lives, we’re not hopeless. No matter how lost and confused we are a way out always exists. This life and existence are not giving us problems without providing solutions for them. We are not looking at the right places for the things that are going to help us and the things that we truly need.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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