How To Set Priorities In Life (The Marine Way)

Prioritization is related to getting more out of the limited time that you have got each day in life. It can help you with everything from productivity to time management to work-life balance. Being stuck in a painful experience, because it draws on insecurities and coupled with the inability to overcome it, also, can throw you in a deeper state of misery.

On many occasions, it’s not the method to be employed that you require but figuring out what’s holding you from taking action might resolve the dilemma you are facing indirectly which by the way is one of the most rewarding aspects of solving a problem. It’s why we say “sleep on it”, “get some distance” or “put it into perspective.

Focus on the stuff that worries you, usually worry brings anxiety and that leads to blockage. It’s true, the best advice you can get is to be a doer, but if you found yourself struggling with that, then give yourself a break and start by admitting that you have issues in that area… Set yourself up for simple, achievable goals, going for the “big trophy” without practicing on small victories might have the opposite effect. Priority always changes as per time and conditions of life. Just you need to have look that you and your loved ones are getting affected negatively because of something you are doing.

Here are the steps to set priorities in life.

1. Ask around

If you are prioritizing tasks that involve other people, like your family, friends, and co-workers, talk to them. Find out from them when they need your help, how much work is backed up behind the things you are working with them on, and if they can lend a hand. If they don’t need you for another week and someone else needs you tomorrow, or if they aren’t as busy as you are, you know what to do.

2. Work backward

We will get into this a little more later, but you probably have an idea of when each of your tasks is due or at least when you’d like them done by and how much time is required to work on each item. Start with the due dates, take into account how much effort you need to put into each one and how much input you need from others, and work backward to find out what you should be working on right now or what you should have already started, in some cases.

3. Keep yourself accountable

once you have taken some time to determine what’s important and arranged them based on what you think you should tackle first, it’s time to put it in writing and share it with everyone involved. Set expectations with others for when you will get your work done for them, and set expectations with yourself for when you will have time to work on your projects. This is more important in a work setting, but involving others in your non-work to-do’s can also keep you and others accountable.

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4. Get organized

The goal of your system, whichever you select, is to take away the need for you to waste time deciding what to work on next, even when you have a lot on your plate. Whichever tool and productivity method you choose, dump your to-dos and projects into it as quickly as possible. Make sure it’s something you will actually return to and use frequently, and something easy to fit into your workflow, and you will be successful. In the end, you want something easy to refer to, easy to enter tasks into, and that gives you a great view of all of the balls you have in the air at any time.

5. Behold, the trinity: cost, scope, and time

Let me explain this by giving example, if you want to paint the spare room in time for out-of-town guests to stay over, you can’t change the size of the job (scope), but you can control whether you buckle down and do it yourself overnight (time), or get someone else to do it for you while you do something else (cost). Here’s how you can use these three principles to organize your everyday to-dos and that is how it works.

6. Delegate

It’s easy for us to toil away in obscurity, quietly hating our lives and our jobs and growing more frustrated with every passing minute. All the while, there may be a friend who’s willing to help if we had only asked or a boss who would be willing to help you out if you asked the right questions or gave them the right information.

7. Buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride

Using this method to set your priorities and keep track of your responsibilities isn’t just something you should do when you are starting to feel overwhelmed. If the walls are closing in on you, yes, it’s time to take a good, hard look at what’s on your plate, what can come off, and what has to give, but waiting until you are already busy and stressed out will make it especially difficult to make the changes you need to get your head above water. Even so, it’s essential, and once you do it you will never look back.

8. Tackling Tasks with Deadlines

Once you have evaluated your tasks, you will know the importance of each of them. This will immediately give you a crystal-clear picture of which tasks would help you achieve more (achieving your goals). Sometimes, however, you won’t be able to decide every task’s priority because there will be deadlines set by external parties such as managers and agencies.

Last but not least,

9. Spend some time alone

whether it be traveling, running, hiking, or in the comfort of your own home. The world we live in today is saturated with the ideology of how we should live and the emptiness we feel is a result of knowing deep down that none of it is truly fulfilling. Being alone is the first step to learning to listen to your inner voice. It can be scary for some but once you become comfortable in this state you begin to realize who you are. Also, read literature as well as biographies, you may find that you identify with certain characters and people and in that, you may start to realize your passion and purpose in life. Once you find this fill your life with people who support you and/or share the same passion.

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