How To Feel Good Fast For Better And Happy Life

Feeling good is nature’s way of telling us that we’re doing something “right.” But life is not divided into simplistic “right and wrong”. Also, every coin has two sides the head and tail. Most of it beyond our capacity to see, or describe, but not beyond our capacity to feel. This is crucial because our feelings have immeasurable depth and scope.

This means that what might feel “good” on one level, might feel “bad” on a deeper level, and vice versa. We are constantly processing and comparing degrees of feeling and comparing their likely causes and effects. Not all of us do. Many of us are happy being miserable.

This is the fact. Moreover, it may seem perverse but the logic is that if you already feel miserable and pessimistic then you are at least partly prepared for the worse happening. Those of us who prefer to feel good about life always take the risk of life deciding not to feel good about ourselves.

Feel good

There are some things which help us to feel good.

  • Listening: Listen to them when they talk to you, for instance, shut the voices in your head and give your attention to them when they are talking to you. It might solve your issues or maybe gives you satisfaction.
  • Caring: Caring is the part of love and it makes them feel that you care about them, shows them that their presence in your life is important.
  • Genuine appreciation: By appreciating you always know when and how to show your love to people by thanking them for good things that they have been doing especially when they’re used to do it, even if it was simple and effortless.
  • Make them feel warm and fuzzy: It may sound strange but people like to be comfortable when they communicate, so gentle touch while greeting won’t harm.
  • Smile and be positive: try avoiding over-talking about problems instead try to initiate hope for a better future.
  • Show interest with curiosity: With this particular ability to change boring, dull conversation into interesting, teasing talk is a worthy talent that you’d better start developing.
  • Traveling: It has become a form of meditation for me. I reboot myself with every trip whether it is a weekend trip or a week-long one. I come back with multiple stories which I can cherish for life.
  • Reading: Reading newspapers, novels, or anything related to general knowledge makes me feel good.
  • Music: It has been my long-time friend for a very long time. There are few songs which had made me feel rejuvenated and refreshed every time I have listed them.
  • Discussions: I like to share and gain knowledge and love to have healthy discussions. Although sports, History, Mythology, and current affairs are my favorite topics. Also, I can discuss any topic which is worth learning.
  • Food: Being a hardcore foodie, I think food recharges my bad mood very quickly.
  • Being Happy and Smiling: I try not to overburden myself with bad thoughts and can easily manage to quickly switch from bad situations by being happy. Life gives me thousands of reasons to smile so I do not focus on the silly things that may torture me. Sometimes, even if they hamper my mental peace I fight with the situations and bring my smile back. I have noticed when I stay happily, people around me reciprocate the same positive feelings to me.

Finally, be yourself, you don’t have to make all people like you, simply enjoy your life and don’t waste your time with people that don’t like you. Also, trust the process, I know it’s a bit hard but not impossible.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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