12 Simple Pleasures Of Life That You Need To Enjoy Everyday

The simple and greatest pleasure of anyone’s life is to get satisfied. Anyone desiring even the greatest thing, says ruling the whole world as a dictator, has this desire only to get satisfied. In the end, everyone feels happy after the desires are met. Therefore, satisfaction becomes the greatest pleasure.

Getting true pleasure through “satisfaction” after a desire is met is considered temporary because a new cycle of new desire and new efforts for the same begins causing anxiety due to uncertainty of the result. Desires keep coming due to thoughts in mind.

Therefore, to get long-term or permanent pleasure through satisfaction is to deal with one’s mind. Instead of desiring any new thing, if we can be happy with what is already there, the same would do the right conditioning of our mind. There are many whom God is calling near Him and He ensures enough worldly comforts to them so that they can have the right thoughts to condition their mind easily to let it not create new desires. Our mind thinks like this, only when we have God’s grace. To get God’s grace, the simplest thing which I can suggest is God’s Mantra.

I will talk about the main simple pleasures of my life. These may also sound like life lessons but they are worthy.

1. Life is work.

Our human anatomy is coded for work. Life is activity and activity is life. Every human being without exception has to work. Nobody can escape work. If anyone tries to escape work, they are going on the wrong track. If life is not working the way you want to and you are working menial jobs, you are still very blessed, Because, without work, degradation starts to set in immediately. Without activity and work, we are nothing but human vegetables. I have tried to escape work many times but always realized that without some sort of work, there is no life.

There’s work involved for everything that we want in life. If I while away my time in doing nothing and complete relaxation, degradations of all sorts begin to set in, making me nervous, depressed, and also bringing me crazy levels. So, I began to enjoy all work later on. Henceforth, I decided that I will always look forward to work no matter how menial it is, no matter that I don’t have to do it for money. I do not shun work and hence, I enjoy all work as my activities.

2. Work is worship.

Everyone from the ragpicker to the factory owner has to work. There’s no difference between rich and poor, lower class or upper class when it comes to working. Stop working and you risk yourself getting mentally unstable, physically obese, or the one with self-destructive thought patterns, habits, or addictions unfit for society.

3. Your position in life changes.

Your circumstances in life you can always work towards and change towards a better tomorrow or making this world a better place for all if that’s your aspiration or forte. There’s always ample opportunity to do anything. So, excuses do not work, one has to lower down their ego, expectations and start from humble beginnings, and once we can start that it’s a very joyful process when we begin to build our lives brick by brick. It gives us hope for a better tomorrow and progress equals happiness.

Sweet pleasures

4. Life has no guarantee. 

I was walking down the road when suddenly a branch from a tree fell, I got saved by one or one and a half feet. Otherwise, it would have fallen on my head, I would have died on the spot or be lying on the hospital bed in a state of coma.

The comatose state is as good or as bad as a human vegetable I spoke about in point one, the only difference is now I can’t help whereas, in point 1, I bring upon myself a human vegetable state by my inactivity or lethargy or the tendency to procrastinate and shun work.

Also, be kind always as you don’t want to close down your chapter of life with bad and selfish deeds. Life has absolutely no guarantees. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. All the plans that I had made, savings, and money I accumulated for my future happiness would have been laid to rest just by a simple act of a branch falling on my head. The fact we get to live every day and survive is itself a cause for celebration. So be happy now, be joyous now and smile more.

5. A window seat.

What else could be better than a window seat which makes you ruminate over all your life and decisions? It feels like you are lost somewhere in some parallel cosmos and you love being lost pondering over some significant moments.

6. A starry night.

Gazing the resplendent sky when you are all blues, and realizing you are nothing more than a speck of gold dust in this grand universe. All your problems are as insignificant as you are which won’t matter because looking at the beautiful creation above your head gives you all the feels and the chills.

7. A dog

A beautiful creation of god which would enchant you with all its love and cuddles irrespective of how wicked and irascible you get sometimes.

8. A book you can get lost in.

Attach to books, not people. People are capricious. Books give you endlessly without demanding a single nugget. They make your world. They define your perspectives.

9. An awesome piece of music

Right music at the right time can do wonders. It changes your mood within a blink of an eye. Music is meditation, indeed a fuel of happiness.

10. A godly conversation

In this world, where people are busy living their own lives, it is indeed godly to have someone with whom you can have a deep conversation, with whom you can all be yourself, who cares for you deeply and madly.

11. Surprises

Surprises irrespective of how small or big they are can contribute to making your day. It’s heavenly when your loved ones know your happy nerves and arranges them for you to see a smiley curve on your face. They are simple pleasures that give you loads and tons of happiness.

12. A glorifying up after an infuriating downfall.

Better faced than written over here. An entirely amazing feeling, for you, can never enjoy the fruits of success until you have faced a heart-shattering failure.

To conclude, most simple pleasures in life are the ones that don’t cost a thing or are inexpensive. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these things are the gifts of life you enjoy subconsciously and celebrate in your ways. They are free, simple, and satisfying.

Pleasure is something whose quality and quantity cannot be defined and compared easily. But still, let me try an analogy. Pleasures are something which you will experience once and want again and again but still will never be satisfied, as many gave the example of sex. But does sex bring me the most pleasure out of life? No. I don’t think it does. Think about it as we gain pleasures in different ways.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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