How To Overcome Failure: 8 Fruitful Ways To Pick Yourself Up

Failure is the pillar of success. Every cloud has its silver lining. If winter comes, spring cannot be far behind. Next time, success is yours. If anybody can, why you can’t? You have all the limbs like them, then why you can’t? Yes, you can and you have to believe that and think positively. When you believe from the core of your heart that you can succeed then your success is ahead and there are more opportunities as well. Retrospect the whole episode seriously.

What were the shortcomings on your part? What were the loopholes? Whether sufficient preparations were not taken? or some other loopholes were there? List them. Now, you have to find out the ways to plug the loopholes. If required and you think it fit, seek advice for the remedies from the experts of the concerned field and they will surely help you out. Once the reasons for the failure are diagnosed, the success is half achieved. Work harder and harder as you can.

Half-hearted efforts are never fruitful. We should try our best systematically and regularly. Success is not far. Submit to God or any other superpower. It makes us positive and confident. Regular prayer for success makes a lot of difference. Modern researches proved it categorically. Don’t pay attention to what other people say. They may discourage you in your mission but you have to keep the faith and you can overcome failure.

Here is my interpretation of these 5 steps for overcoming failure.

  1. Understand what is going on.

Our stressed brain has trouble categorizing feedback and tends to qualify everything as important. But that can’t be possible if you keep putting in an effort. Our job is to de-stress the brain by helping it label a situation correctly not to disturb that situation. You can do this by asking the right question with the right attitude.

  1. Ask yourself, is the feedback I am getting relevant, or is it just dramatic?

Relevant feedback is getting advice or an opinion that is helpful to you. You can learn to understand something, you get to hear an explanation, you receive advice on how to improve your performance. Dramatic feedback is just that drama that can only disturb your mental stability. It’s not helpful, it can be an emotional reaction, or just someone venting but with no substance to the story.


  1. Get to the bottom of your resistance.

Your brain prefers the status of maintaining the same daily habits it’s used to, so here’s something new (recognize your resistance) it has to deal with. And it resists. That’s why it’s important to understand this rather than not being capable of absorbing new material, you are just dealing with resistance towards a new situation or heading towards changing your habits.

  1. Ask yourself, what is the likelihood of things happening?

Take a look at the hard data, you have collected and the number of hours you already devoted to a task, the number of chapters you have covered in a textbook, or the amount of work you have completed on a project to date. Then, use this information to apply it to the future. It’s very difficult to ignore the facts as long as you look at them and acknowledge them and also, applied them.

  1. Re-evaluate your efforts.

The fact that you have put so much effort into some work makes you think you should stick to doing the same thing in the future. Remember, our brain likes the status of maintaining the same habits. That’s why you are not evaluating whether the situation is good for you or not.

  1. Ask yourself, if I keep doing this, is my effort worth it? 

If you are investing a lot of energy over a long period but there aren’t any results, you may be focusing on the wrong thing and it’s time to let go and I believe it is hard to let go of things but we have to do to overcome failure and if you have been trying to reach a goal using shortcuts or quick fixes but not moving past the first step of getting there but it means your approach needs a major overhaul to see a positive move in the right direction.

  1. Realize when it’s time to stop overthinking.

Learning new things is beautiful for self-improvement but It’s what you should allow your brain to do every day. But there are many times when our brain would rather just stay in learning mode, process information for hours on end, and just think but not do. To get out of the overthinking rut, you need to ask the right question and work on them.

  1. Positive Attitude to overcome failure.

The most important thing to overcome failure fears to stay positive. When you are surrounded by negative people and negative thoughts that will only bring fear of failure. Have trust in your abilities and believe in yourself. Never underestimate your capabilities for every human on this Earth has got special talents and believes that you have unique talents.

How to overcome my fear of failure?

Failures are a part of learning. Learn from your failures. Find ways to make your life better. Get better at what you do. Your failures will help you in your life. Your failures will make your life amazing. The more you have failed in life the more you will learn. Get your life back on track. Life is not about failing but about achieving. Failing is a part of it.

How can we avoid failure?

Avoiding failure is not an option. People do things in life that they think will help them better succeed. People find ways to make the most of their time and do may do things that may lead them to failure. One will only get better as one will fail.

Find a time and try to get back on track. You can try to ask for help from various people who are already failed and also achieved success. One may fail today, but one should make every effort to try to succeed and to get back on track. Fail and succeed. Every person at the top has failed. Every them they have failed. their failure has made them learn that they need to get back on track. Make sure that you learn from your failures as time is very precious.

At last, Failure is a lesson that teaches you how you chose to tackle a wrong problem but when you work hard on it you will succeed. Also, it does not mean you have exhausted all avenues for exploration but If you view failure as a necessary step to achieving iterative and cumulative progress then you have a chance. Moreover, doing something may fail but it allows you to learn and improve from what you have experienced and critically improve performance thereafter.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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