What Is The Law Of Attraction? How To Apply It?

We always believe in Law of attraction, sometimes we don’t when we get stressed or depressed. We never knew the term or name for it. Do you know what people do when they visit Temples, churches, mosques, or any other holy place? They ask for what they feel and what they need in life or sometimes they want to make their present existence better.

That’s Law of attraction in lifeBelieving in a higher power, Asking for what your heart desires and your beliefs. That faith that somewhere, someone will answer your prayers. That’s your first step towards the law of attraction.

First Step – Ask

Second Step – Believe

Third Step – Stay Natural/ Stay Happy

Fourth Step – Accept it

Whereas everyone seeks for what they want or need, very few get through it. Why? because we mess up on the second step, not deliberately but our belief system makes us do that, our fears, our previous experiences make us do that. The law of attraction hypothesizes that each of us can ask the Universe for anything we want. If we really believe in it and it’s absolutely what we want, the Universe will make sure to bring it into our lives.

For Example: Remember those days that happen to all of us from time to time, when nothing is going as it should.

A positive in a room full of nagatives


I believe that positive attracts positive always. It is therefore important to put yourself in a positive state of mind to evolve in a benevolent and serene atmosphere and the law of attraction implies there.

We all can choose our thoughts and the feelings that we experience. I had already spoken about it in this answer, the facts that happen to us are neutral and they remain so until we apply our thoughts to them.

When we “put” a thought into an event, we give it its orientation, we decide whether we want to see it positively or negatively, and this will define our emotions and our feelings which themselves will influence our behavior.

There are several things to put in place to best allow the law of attraction to apply. First of all, it is important to create a positive environment around and within yourself, for the reasons mentioned above. Read some positive quotes as well. Several tools are there to help us. However, they are not mandatory. If you are not interested, you can immediately move on to the next point where it is to “ask the Universe” for what you want, Following the three steps of the creative process.


Gratitude is a concept that can be a tool to help you live in a positive state of mind. It’s about making a list, once a week or once a month, or however often you choose, of all the things you are grateful for. It helps to focus on the positive around you and goes a long way in being happier.

You can have a little gratitude journal, in which you start each page with “I’m happy and grateful for” and then list what makes you smile. In times when you’re down on your spirits, just re-reading all of the things you’re grateful for helps you feel better.


The visualization consists of projecting yourself into the reality you want. For example, you dream of living in a huge house or going on vacation to a faraway land. Each day, take a few moments to visualize that home or that trip and create it in detail within you. What is important in this process is to experience it as if you already have what you want, as if you already live in this house, as if this trip is already booked. So, to be already grateful. Thus, you will feel deep inside you all the feelings of well-being and happiness that come from the realization of this dream. It is this feeling that creates the attraction and that will attract this house or this trip to you.


Meditation is a practice that has many benefits. Reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression, better memory, daily serenity, better sleep. The list is long. On top of that, meditation allows you to be well aligned within yourself, to be in tune with the environment around us. Regular practice of meditation develops intuition, inner calm and allows you to dialogue more easily with the Universe.


Stage 1: Ask

We all have desires and goals inside of us. They can be material, spiritual, professional, or relational. In this first step, you have to take a sheet and list it. It is important to write it in the present tense, according to the same principle as in visualization, since the goal is to act as if you are already living them to feel inside you the joy provided by their realization. Each day, devote a little moment to your wishes, your goals, feed them, imagine them, give their life in your head, and ask the Universe to send them to you. Keep in mind one thing, anything is possible. Don’t think about possible limits.

Here, you don’t have to think about “how” your goals will be achieved. Your only job in this step is to list your wishes. The Universe will take care of showing you the way to get there.

Take care to write your list without negation. For example, do not write “I no longer wish to be sick” but “I am in good health”.

Stage 2: Believe

The second step is to truly believe in your wish list and be sure and certain that it will come true. Here, there is no room for doubt. If you doubt, you will attract doubts. You have to be confident. In general, when you are well connected to yourself, you are also connected to the Universe. When we go in the right direction, we feel it deep inside, without necessarily being able to explain it. As if it was obvious as if we were in the right place at the right time.

Stage 3: Receive

Once the first two steps have been completed comes the moment of reception. The law of attraction requires having an open and receptive mind to be able to seize the opportunities brought by the Universe. It is the latter who will send you the signs and the means to achieve your goals. Paulo Coelho says, in The Alchemist, “When we truly desire something, the whole Universe conspires to allow us to achieve it”. It’s a pretty well-known phrase that illustrates the law of attraction.

The Universe will offer you various avenues to achieve your goals and you will need to know how to recognize them and seize them on the fly.

The law of attraction works like this, it assumes that we attract into our lives all of the events that happen to us, whether positive or negative. It states that through our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, we emit vibrations, which, if positive, will emit positive energy and thus attract positive events. The reverse is true, if one is filled with negative thoughts, one will attract negative to oneself. In other words, one could summarize this process by “which looks alike assembles” or “energies which resemble each other assemble”.


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