How To Be A Good Girlfriend – 11 Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

Being a good girlfriend is not easy. Well! it’s a chain reaction. When you love someone, care for him and you will even subconsciously change and do things to make him happy. Seeing him happy will make you happy and he will also react to that by giving you something in return. And this balance eventually will establish itself and you will complement each other lives.

Men seek two things for sure in a relationship:

That you Understand and Support him. Understand him for the person he is, for the way he expresses his love, for the way he manages things, for the way he cares for you, and how he loves you. Support him by making his dream yours, give him all the emotional support he needs, support him in the decisions he makes, respect him for the way he is.

Relationships are more about compromise but being a good girlfriend doesn’t mean you are always the one to compromise. Be kind, gentle, and loving to your partner. Ask questions and listen to the answer. Make sure you give yourself and the other person some space as well. Jealousy only hurts relationships but if you genuinely are questioning something talk with them, not an argument.  Freedom is the essence of love which is quite important in a relationship. To force or coerce anyone into an ideal that you have is to tamper with freedom and to expose conditional love, which isn’t loved at all.

Here, are some ways on how to be a good girlfriend.

1. Acceptance

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Bear in mind that the man of your dreams is a person with likes and dislikes. He may love spending hours playing video games and cracking poop jokes with his friends, don’t ask him to change. There’s nothing more off-putting than having a partner who’s unhappy with who you are. So, accept him.

2. Boundaries

I believe that a lot of people have very firm opinions about what they are willing to do and how they should be treated by their partners. But then they get in a relationship and the initial whirlwind of emotions is followed by many compromised values and uncomfortable situations. Don’t do that if you are certain about how an issue has to be dealt with, state it outright, and as early as possible. Don’t leave room for negotiation with passive, ambiguous replies if something is unacceptable to you. Similarly, ask him about his boundaries and respect them, no that doesn’t mean try harder.

3. Initiative

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Just because he’s a man, doesn’t mean it’s his job to keep wooing you throughout the relationship. If you like getting surprises, give him a few too – throw him a birthday party, plan a date, gift him things he likes or might need. Also, listen to him just as intently as you’d like him to listen to you. If you want a relationship to last, it is your responsibility as well as his to keep the flame alive.

4. Finances

Don’t merge your finances unless you are certain of where your relationship is going. Pay for yourself and do not pay his bills unless you are sure of his motives. Also, do not expect him to pay for you. your expenses, your responsibility. Money has ripped apart entire families the less you involve it in your relationship, the better.

5. Communication

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Men don’t have mind-reading capabilities but they don’t know if you mean yes when you said no, and they can’t tell when you are being passive-aggressive – they will assume you are indifferent at best and make their call. If you’d like your partner to do something for you, let it be known. You’d like to get flowers once in a while tell him. You’d like to try something in the bedroom, tell him. You’d like him to give you more time, listen better, cuddle with you, just tell him. You’d both be happier for it.

6. Respect Emotions

Almost everyone in this world shows a different outer personality. Men tend to cement their walls of ego with the cement of toughness and secretive behavior. But, if we can feel free enough to cry in front of our girlfriend, never let that girl go. I can cry freely in front of him. I have no shame in saying that I cry more than him. I cry during tragic movies, I cry when I fail, I cry when someone is rude. But whenever I do it, I do it without any hesitation. That’s what makes me feel lucky about having the best boyfriend.

7. Good Listener

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Good listening skills should not be a man’s forte, always. Even a woman has to lend her ears to her man and listen to him, no matter how geeky or smart he may be. Although he may not talk much, every time he does, he expects an attentive audience from the girl.

8. Pain Reliever

All of us have friends but a girlfriend has to be special. And the thing that puts her into a special category is the magical comfort she provides. Personally, no matter how depressed I am, a phone call to my boyfriend reduces any burden in a whisker. The way he tries to make me laugh, the way he tries to say that he is there, it’s magical. I know that even if no one is there for me, he will be just by my side, smacking his  biceps, to say ‘I am there!’

9. Stay free and set him free

How To Be A Good Girlfriend (1)

Don’t try to cage him. Or he will feel trapped, want to escape, runs away. Don’t tell him what to do and not to do. Do you want to be loved or to be obeyed? Don’t become a dictator. Let him be himself. Try to understand him, his limits, his personality, his values, his point of view.

10. Give him love and tenderness

Boys need love as much as you do. They are not rock, even if they try to look like rocks. They can also feel insecure sometimes. It’s not easy to be a man. Support your boyfriend whenever you can, he will be grateful. Tell him some nice words when you are proud of him. Tell him what you like or love about him. It will boost his self-confidence and he will love you even more. Be there for him when he needs you. Hug him.

11. Stay yourself

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Continue doing what you love to do, seeing your friends, wearing what you like to wear, eating what you like to eat, listening to the music you like. Be open, curious, find things that you both like and that you can do together, but don’t try to become his thing and to make him yours. Don’t try to merge with him. Make compromises but don’t make sacrifices for him or ask him to make sacrifices for you.

What are girlfriend duties in a relationship?

A good girlfriend makes her boyfriend feel special in his life. She knows what her boyfriend wants and what he doesn’t want. A good girlfriend never stops her guy from meeting his friends. She knows that a guy has to do many things in life. A guy has to work in his life. Your guy has goals. He needs to work in order to achieve those goals.

How can I be the best girlfriend he’s ever been in a relationship with?

Make sure that you have the best boyfriend only then you will get to be a good girlfriend for her. You should do things for your boyfriend that he loves. You should give him time to do his work properly. If your guy just feels that you are with him always he will support you in life and even in your relationship.

Qualities you need to know to make him feel good

Give him time for his work. Get him gifs. You never know what will make him happy at what time. Get to know how to become happy. Take note of his time. When he is free. One should take care of his needs on time. If he is the one then you need to make sure you take care of one that you love.

In conclusion, in your attempt to make him happy don’t forget that he wants you to be yourself and see you happy always in a relationship. Men are not complex but they just need love.


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