How To Improve Self-Discipline With These 15 Simple Habits

Self-discipline comes from inner efforts and motivation from anything. One must remember to always keep a check on themselves and makes those significant efforts that bring in better results and help us to achieve our goals faster.

Self-discipline cannot be built by watching motivational videos or attending motivational talks or just by sitting. Most people don’t have any discipline because they defeat themselves mentally before they even begin the task in somewhat ways. Discipline is continuously doing task what you think and you have to do even if you at the moment don’t feel to do it. You start thinking about all the other things you can put your time and energy into that will bring you much more cheap pleasure. You will start comparing it to the chore it would be to engage in the task that discipline requires is a must.

Sometimes, you want to do some of these things that discipline requires but just don’t think you have the strength or even they are beyond your limits. When you want to do something, but, at the same time, don’t want to do it, then you are experiencing a cognitive dissonance which means the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

People need to make new goals. A new goal a day will help you get what you want. At work help your colleague to set a goal so that they can get to work with passion. Make your goal work for you every single day. if you want to work in life you will need to set a goal for it. Work for your goal everyday and it will take you closer to success.

To improve self-discipline there are some things you need to follow, which are as follows

1. You have to understand what you want

The reason why some people’s self-discipline is false is that they have no clear goals, priorities and they have made lots of plans for themselves. They merely think that working hard is human nature, or they will be deprived. Then they believe they are leading a good life after hard work for some time. So, you have to set a goal for yourself. Let desire and motivation drive you, not anxiety and self-blame or any other negative things.

2. Just Force yourself

You just need to focus on yourself, to the starting point before you start to think. If it’s the gym do not think about the workout you don’t feel to do or the workout you feel is not important but it is important. Just get up, don’t make excuses, don’t even tolerate the stories in your head to justify why not to do it.

3. Inculcating good habits

Self-discipline is not an activity that you do at some time of the day but it’s a habit. It consists of several bits and pieces of practices and activities which build up over time. Maintaining ‘good’ habits like reading, writing, physical training, and many other good habits can help you get into a mold where you stick to your schedule. In the long run, this makes you more disciplined. You are very likely to be highly self-disciplined if you make it a habit to make your bed after getting up in the morning and do not go to sleep without reading a book, every single day.


4. Be open with self-criticism

If you mess up on meeting your goals, don’t shy away from it talk to your network and be honest about what you’re good at and what needs improvement. So, always ready to take on a new challenge. Consider self-criticism as a challenge and do it.

5. Reflect on yourself

Create self-awareness by taking some time each week or month to reflect on what you need to improve and what stopped you from maintaining your discipline. Reflection on yourself is quite important as setting a priority in life also improves self-discipline.

6. Meditate for long periods

I believe that easy to do for short periods, requires massive amounts of discipline to do for long periods. Start with some 30 minutes guided meditations and then try it for at least 1 hour unguided followed. It helps you to stay calm and more focused on improving self-discipline.

7. Have a reason “worth fighting for”

Self-discipline is nothing more than winning the same battle over and over again. It’s your “comfort” vs. your “reason.” If you have a reason worth fighting for or one even worth dying for, then self-discipline will not be a problem whatsoever for you.

8. Start saying NO more often

If you have ever found yourself running out of time to do what you need or would like to have time for, that means you are wasting time and energy on things that are not that important in the long run. This could apply to distractions, insignificant activities, or passive forms of entertainment such as watching TV, youtube videos, or using an excess of social media.

9. Anticipate resistance

It’s very rare for things to run smoothly just like we’d want them to but the reality is quite the opposite, when we start working on something, sooner or later we will face an obstacle that we will have to overcome to move ahead. What works best for you in these situations? It’s a good idea to plan for those situations when you’re lazy, tired, or in a bad mood and nothing seems to be working.

10. Believe in yourself

Regardless of whether you are a student, a parent, or working on your career, what’s most important is not just what you are dealing with today. It’s more about the big picture of your life and what you believe you can start doing today to become the best version of yourself down the road. Instead of letting situations and external factors dictate how you will act, you’re better off taking charge of your life by first instilling a healthy dose of believing in yourself.

11. Replace Old Habits

When we are developing self-discipline, we are often trying to break a bad habit and replace it with something more productive. However, if that habit is tied into a certain time of day or routine, breaking it can leave a hole. If we don’t replace that habit with something else, then its absence becomes even more noticeable.

12. Focus on the big picture

To reach your goals and be where you want, you might have to miss some small and temporary pleasures in life, for most people playing video games is more fun than reading a textbook, but you need to remind yourself that what you aim for is worth it.

13. Practice self-control

It starts with controlling your thoughts, you can’t control your actions unless you control the way you think. Don’t get frustrated and tempered easily, get into the habit of calming yourself when you are nervous and not making emotional decisions. This is called self-control.

14. Always have a timeline

No matter what you do, make a plan, put every broken piece of a task into a specific timeline, force yourself to meet these timelines because it helps you to finish your task within an appropriate time limit.

15. Rinse and repeat

The next level of discipline is routine. Keep doing it again and again until you do not have to think about it. Until hard things became natural and you feel no strain doing them. Until you do not have to reason with yourself every time you have to do something you dislike.

In the end, your brain is responsible for the functioning of many different systems and functions of your body including actions and thoughts, and even everything. Often the various actions and thoughts occur at the same time and they are in apparent harmony, but sometimes they are not.

Change one thing at a time. Identify one area of your life where lack of discipline is interfering with your success. Decide today to develop discipline in that area. Launch and focus it strongly. Try not to tell others about your decision. Never allow exceptions until the new habit is strongly entrenched and you can master the habit of Self-Discipline and keep moving up in the ladder of life.

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