How Do I Stop Being Jealous: 12 Techniques

Jealousy comes from you when you don’t appreciate yourself. To get rid of jealousy the very first thing is that you need to appreciate yourself, and at least admit that there is a need for a change within yourself. On the other hand, many people relish their jealous attitude and blame others for their attitude.

Sometimes people have been vastly envious because of certain inherent personality traits they have, so, they believe that have a unique personality. One answer to this question suggests envy is all in your perception. Truthfully, it is an incomplete statement of the case. It’s true because other people’s envy is never about you. It’s about their feelings of inadequacy. Always and ever. You are a good and true person who deserves to love and be loved.

Excelling in some field or other doesn’t increase or decrease that truth one jot or title! The same applies to them, they just may not have seen what you’ve seen or learned what you’ve learned.

Here are my tips about how to stop being jealous.

Appreciate yourself

Remember that quote that grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, and when we feel envy we often fail to appreciate who we are, what we have, what we want, and in which ways our lives are good. It is so easy to fall into the trap of wanting what someone else has, but the trick is to love and want what you have, Whenever, you feel jealous, try to give some extra love to your partner, kids, parents, friends, and yes, to yourself importantly, Because, you deserve it.

Avoid comparing yourself to other people

Make friends with someone who you think has it all, and you’ll discover that even this person has his or her hidden struggles, and they may not feel jealous just because of you. Even celebrities have struggles that you can’t see but at the end of the day, they smile and move on. They may get passed over for movie roles that they want, they may lose a big game or they may struggle with drugs or any other health issue. Just because someone looks great on the outside doesn’t mean that things are going great on the inside. Instead, of focusing on your shortcomings, think about the positive qualities, skills, and character traits that you bring to the table. It all goes back to becoming more confident. You have so many great qualities and physical attributes that no one can take away from you.

A girl being jealous of his boyfriend

Bless those who have what you want

If someone is great, it doesn’t mean that he’s stealing greatness from you and that you cannot be great as well. Try to work on yourself by appreciating. In this abundant universe, there is a place for all of us to be happy, fulfilled, and outstanding in our way. If someone else found an awesome job, it doesn’t mean there are fewer jobs available for you. It means that it is possible to get a good job, that if the other person did it, so can you. Cheer other people’s success it will give you a push to move forward. If you judge what you desire, you block yourself from having it.

Jealousy is a call to action

When you envy someone, it usually means that you are not fully satisfied with the actions you are taking right now or maybe you are ignoring something important. Jealousy is an alarm, a call to action, an incentive to change and grab it as a positive opportunity. Use jealousy as a compass, If you stay inert and trapped in your jealousy, it will only generate more jealousy and dissatisfaction.

Jealousy is unpleasant

When you feel jealous of someone, that looks so childish and immature. We are all jealous because of something going around in our world. And that is one of the emotions we are not so proud of until we stop being jealous. We will all brag about how happy and fulfilling our lives are. When we are sad or disappointed, we will confess to our loved ones. But when we’re jealous, we’ll keep it for ourselves. We will try to hide it and surely, we succeed. We should be over those childish things by now. The truth is, we are not. Jealousy won’t disappear only if we pretend it does not exist. We need to talk about it and have patience.

Feel it, but don’t judge it

When you identify your jealousy, dig deeper and find out what is it trying to teach you. What desire is hidden underneath? And then accept it. This seems interesting because Good to know.” A big mistake that we make is that we are judging our jealousy and our dreams. We think we should not want what we want. And that is a big mistake. We left the right path in terms of jealousy.

Develop an optimistic view of people

Ultimately, jealousy is a fear-based behavior that can destroy you. Because you are spending a lot of time worrying about something bad that hasn’t happened yet, and might not happen at all. Unfortunately, you’re creating a situation where bad things could happen because of all of your negative feelings. Ironic, isn’t it? It’s called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” If you believe in someone, believe in them completely. Good people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Do the opposite of what a jealous person would do

When you feel jealousy taking over, don’t react destructively by making accusations, giving someone silent treatment, or dropping little hints. Instead, try to do what a trusting person would do in your place. For example, If a friend is going to spend time with someone else, for example, recommend a good movie or restaurant or maybe a good place to enjoy leisure time. When someone else gets the job that you want, be nice instead of being sneaky or trying to undermine the other person. Instead, congratulate the person and offer to help them be successful. Also, it will come back to you in a good and positive way with many other opportunities.

Recognize the paranoia that is a part of jealousy

Jealousy causes you to react to a fantasy scenario that’s all in your mind. In reality, the bad things that you’re imagining may never happen at all. And if they do, you’re strong enough to handle them. You have other people that you can count on in your life, and you’ll move on to become a better person.  Don’t go crazy about it.

Identify the situation that’s triggering your feelings of jealousy

You may feel jealous when, a guy or girl you like is hanging out with other people, leaving you feeling neglected or maybe ignored. Your best friend seems to prefer spending time with other people. One of your parents starts spending time with a new partner. One of your kids seems to prefer being with the other parent instead of with you. Someone else gets the recognition that you deserve at work or gets credit for something that you did in school or maybe in a club.

Listen to your feelings without blowing things out of proportion

Your feelings are telling you something valuable and important. If you’re feeling jealous, your emotions are telling you that something is happening that you don’t like. They may or may not be accurate but sometimes, your gut reaction is warning you that there is something you need to be observant about. Nevertheless, boundaries need to be set so you know what’s appropriate and what’s not in terms of interacting with other people.

Look at the whole picture

Just like social media presents only the best of the best, we often perceive the people we don’t know much about based on their highest achievements. However, we usually miss the point because impressive achievements always go hand in hand with hard work, focus, and saying ‘no’ to instant gratification. For instance, many people are going to be obsessed with Elon Musk, but I’m not sure how many people would like to have his work schedule. We would all like to have the benefits of going to the gym, without stepping away from our couches, which is impossible. When you analyze your jealousy, look at the whole picture and make sure that you do not only want the shiny part of the package.

Jealousy is normal to get a push in life

Of course, that feeling can get out of control and destructive very easily, but as long as you know how to control and manage your jealousy, there’s no reason to feel badly about it. I hear a lot of people say they feel jealous. I’ve said and felt the same way. But it’s time to stop beating ourselves up for feeling that pang of envy when someone else gets something we want or when we watch people being successful.  Jealousy is a part of life and the better you understand it, the more you can control it.

No matter what anyone says, everyone feels jealous once in a while. It may happen more often for some people than for others, but believe me, everyone feels it at certain points in their life.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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