18 Powerful Ways To Get Peace Of Mind

To get peace of mind, Identify the habits that give you peace of mind. Take some time to go through it. you should be fine. If still, you cannot be at peace then understand the fact that you don’t know yourself a lot and your understanding of peace of mind is flawed or maybe you are not conscious.

If the above gets realized then do not panic at all. Take a small journey to know yourself and re-discover yourself to get peace of mind. Once you know yourself better then you can understand what keeps you at peace and what does not and you will start working accordingly. Then you can make the decisions wisely. Ask yourself, What is bothering you? What did you want to get peace of mind?

You need to find the root cause first to solve the problem because this is the key factor. If it is due to external factors then you need to work on them and also, don’t try to ignore them. If it is due to internal conflicts then you need to figure out a way to resolve those conflicts which will work. There is no shortcut for this including meditation or doing the workout. Understanding yourself and the things which make you feel uncomfortable or unhappy would be the first step towards resolving this problem. Complete peace of mind is almost impossible for anyone who is capable of feeling and thinking but you can keep your mind at peace for a much longer time if you work on the root causes.

By following these steps one can easily achieve mental peace and make their life beautiful. 

As we know, Nature is a self-governing system and everything that exists in this entire universe including us are a part of it. Everyone and everything creates karmas and then gets their results and this cycle keeps on repeating itself just like repeating history. This system changes for no one, all have to follow one rule. For example, the sun rises in the east and goes down in the west, it’s a system and nothing can change this system and nobody can replace it. Similarly, certain events in our lives also cannot be changed as they are static. These incidents happen no matter how hard we try to change them. Change is inevitable whether we like it or not. Remember, change is the only constant. This is how Nature functions.

1. Start Meditation

As you woke up, start doing meditation which can help to awake your inner power. You feel peaceful after meditation. Practice meditation in the morning on regular basis. you will start loving this and also feel the difference just after few days. Meditation can recharge you with positive energy. This is the best way to find peace of mind.

2. Go for a walk daily

It is a well-known activity and a solution, that a healthy and peaceful mind resides in a healthy body. So, if you want to know How to be at peace, you have to make your body fit. A morning walk is the best way for this. Start getting up early in the morning and go for a walk daily. In this way, you can achieve some of your fitness goals and mental peace too.

3. Tell the truth

If you have told a lie something with your loved one or maybe you are hiding something can destroy your peace. If there is something that you have hidden. Those things make you more stressed. If possible, please confess which will give you relief. Tell everything that is making you worry. you will see that life becomes easier after telling the truth. Remember the thing that if you tell one lie then you have to speak hundreds of other lies to hide that lie.

Peace of mind

4. Forgiveness

As we have heard a quote that “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”- Mahatma Gandhi. If you have a bad fight with your loved ones. If someone has cheated on you. Someone has broken your trust. Try to forget that bad time and forgive them as soon as possible. Forget mutual estrangement. Remember the thing that unless you forgive them, you won’t able to get rid of the anger and inner pain and it will destroy your pain.

5. Stop Criticize others

“Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”-Dale Carnegie. This is the one thing that you should start doing right now. If you always focus on the mistakes of others then you can’t able to see your own mistakes. So, you should stop wasting time criticizing others instead of doing this you should focus on self-improvement.

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6. Accept What Is

Whatever is happening in the present moment, say “yes” to it. Don’t resist it; don’t struggle against it, and don’t try to argue with it. The present is already here, and it is what it is. When you struggle with the way things are now, you are struggling with the entire universe. No amount of arguing will change the present moment. Arguing with the way things are now just creates suffering. Instead of arguing, accept and surrender to what is. Then, ask yourself what the present moment requires of you, and do it.

7. Transform Your Addictions into Preferences

An addiction is any desire that makes you upset or unhappy if it’s not satisfying. Here are two examples:

  • If you get upset because you ask someone for help and they refuse, then you are addicted to having people acquiesce to your requests.
  • If you get upset because your car won’t start in the morning, then you are addicted to having a car that’s in perfect working condition.

8. Practice Mindfulness

A mind that is at peace is in the here and now as it’s not thinking compulsively about the past and the future. Place your attention on the feeling of aliveness in your body, in your hands, your arms, your legs, and so on. Place your attention on an object in your environment, and take a moment to look at it.

9. Let go of perfectionism

I could have made my life a lot easier if I had validated the attempts. I was making to do the right thing even when things were a struggle. Allow yourself to be imperfect, and yet still make progress. Wisdom is the key, not perfection.

10. Give yourself time

Take all the time you need. Emotional healing is a process; don’t rush yourself through it. Don’t let others force you through it either. Moving on doesn’t take a day, it takes lots of little steps to be able to break free of your broken past and your wounded self. Never let trouble from the past make you feel like you have a bad life now. Just because yesterday was painful doesn’t mean today will be too. Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. Today you have a choice to explore these parts of yourself. Give yourself the needed time and permission to explore and heal.

11. Look for the beginning in every ending

A wise man once said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Today is a new beginning; treat it that way. Stop thinking about what might have been and starting looking at what can be. Say to yourself: “Dear Past, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me. Dear Future, I am ready now” Because a great beginning always occurs at the exact moment you thought would be the end of everything.

12. Learn to trust yourself

“It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is. As you heal and grow, it will all work out. Relax and trust yourself.” Repeat that in your mind every morning. Because the truth is, it all works out in the end. Put your full trust in yourself by following your intuition and doing your best, and then move forward one step at a time with faith and confidence in the future. Life will not forsake you. Love, persistence, and hard work combined rarely lead a person astray in the long run.

13. Ease your expectations

Life is under no obligation to give you exactly what you expect. Whatever it is you’re seeking will rarely ever come in the form you’re expecting. Don’t miss the silver lining because you were expecting gold. You must see and accept things as they are instead of as you hoped, wished, or expected them to be. Just because it didn’t turn out as you had envisioned, doesn’t mean it isn’t exactly what you need to get to where you ultimately want to go.

14. Open up to someone you trust

You aren’t alone; let someone special in when you’re in a dark place. You know who this person is. Don’t expect them to solve your problems; just allow them to face your problems with you. Permit them to stand beside you. They won’t necessarily be able to pull you out of the dark place you’re in, but the light that spills in when they enter will at least show you which way the door is.

15. Use hope to drive positive action

Only in the dark can you see the stars. The stars are hope. Look for them. The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope as you work for what you want. Do not admire what you hope for from a distance, but live right in it. Get deeply involved with the thoughts and activities that keep your hope alive and your intention possible.

16. Take a few steps back

Everything seems simpler from a distance. Sometimes you simply need to distance yourself to see things more clearly. You are more than whatever is troubling you. A very real part of you exists beyond your worries, beyond your doubts, independent from the troubles and frustrations of the present moment. Step back and observe yourself as you experience each moment. Be present. Watch yourself as you think, as you take action, as you experience emotions. Your body may experience pain, and yet that pain is not you. Your mind may encounter troubles, and yet you are not those troubles.

17. Do Not Feed the Habit of Obsessive Worry

Simply put, we worry too much. It is an ingrained habit rooted in the basic fear of survival. It robs us of our energy, imagination, and creativity. Treat it as a bad habit. Commit to shedding worry, slowly and surely, just as you would junk food. Become mindful when you are engaging in worry, and talk yourself out of it. Drop it as you would your “Monkey Mind.”

18. Do Not Reinforce the Habit of Stress and Unhealthy Control

Stress and the need to control the uncontrollable imprisons us. Use the practice of mindfulness meditation to notice the stress in your body, and learn to release it by using your breath, gentle movements of the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Commit to relaxing, resting, and playing. Self-guide to cultivate a healthy perspective in life. Nothing is so important that it deserves to make us unhappy and sick.

In the end, The reason for not having peace within ourselves is the human nature of working against Nature. The moment something changes in our lives which we don’t want to happen, we start putting all our energy into working against it. This is the core reason for not having peace in our lives.

Transition is always difficult. But once are over with it only then you’ll realize how important it was for you. Happiness and sadness keep on coming in phases in everyone’s life. There is no way to ensure that we’ll only receive happiness in our lives. So to be at peace rise above this never-ending cycle of happiness and sadness. Remember what Maa told me, let the time flow.


Sim is the founder of The Blessed Human. A budding literary artist who loves to pen down blogs especially on culture, lifestyle, and life.

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